Presented by Jared Spool.

The Magic Escalator of Acquired Knowledge

  • Tells us things about our users.
  • At the bottom of the escalator: someone with no knowledge of the design.
  • At the top of the esdcalator: someone with encyclopedic knowledge of the design.
  • Current Knowledge: the knowledge someone has at the onset of a task.
  • Target Knowledge: the knowledge needed to complete a task at the time of the task’s completion.
  • The space between Current Knowledge and Target Knowledge is the Knowledge Gap.
  • Socially-Transmitted Functionality: things you learn from socially-shared knowledge (Twitter’s pull-to-refresh).
  • The amazing Umbrella Today? simplifies (brings Target Knowledge down to Current Knowledge). That’s intuitive.
  • Intuitive: What I Know matches What I Need To Know
  • Redesigns often destroy users’ Current Knowledge.

We’ll be successful if, the day we go live, nobody notices.

  • When you remove the requirement of quality, everything becomes much easier.
  • Intuitive design is how we give our users new superpowers.
  • The most important users need the most intuitive designs.