Presented by Ethan Marcotte.

  • Editorially: A completely responsive web application for social writing, editing, and publishing content on the web.
  • Build a grid system off the needs of the content.
  • Use @media to defend your content.

iPhone transactions more than doubled. Android transactions more than quadrupled. — Electric Pulp

  • In 2009, the average pageweight of a site was 320KB. In 2013, that’s ballooned up to 1.4MB.
  • Mobile Internet usage in Bangladesh exploded 900% in 2011 thanks to deregulation in the market.
  • In Africa, more people have access to a mobile device than those who have access to electricity.
  • Half of Kenya’s GDP moves through mobile transactions.

Sustainability in Web Design

  • Responsibly design in a way that promotes future growth.

Reduce and Revisit


  • Using Mustache templates and a Rails application to share templates between the front-end and the back-end.
  • Assumes a device is touch-enabled by default: <html class="touch">. Conditionally remove the class if touch is not supported.

What works is better than what looks good. The “looks good” can change, but what works, works. — Ray Eames

It’s time to redefine what beautiful means on the Web. It’s time for The New Beautiful.