Presented by Jessica Hische.

  • Specialist in profession. Generalist in life.
  • Don’t Fear The Internet
  • “To be a good tour guide, you must remember what it was like to first discover something.”
  • Crawl before you walk: learn how to make links colors other than blue before diving into responsive web design.
  • Jess and Russ
  • Daily Drop Cap
  • Lettering is drawing. Calligraphy is writing.
  • Higher x-height makes type easier to read at smaller sizes.
  • Don’t ever set your kerning to zero in Photoshop. Use “auto” or “metrics.”
  • Nick Sherman loves him some pizza, woodtype, and monster wrestling.
  • Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum
  • Phototypesetting killed the linotype.
  • Line height = leading + height of the type.

Choosing Typefaces

  • Look to your content to help you make decisions about type.
  • What kind of content is most prevalent on your site? Choose the typeface that will appear most frequently on your site and satisfies the needs of that content.
  • When selecting a typeface, look for:
    • Higher x-height
    • Low contrast
    • Excellent spacing
    • Number of weights/available optical sizes
    • A true italic (no sloped romans!
    • Real small caps
  • What feeling does the content communicate?
  • How experimental can you get with new tech? How many of your audience use outdated browsers and how much do you care to cater to them?
  • Pairing typefaces: choose typefaces with similar DNA.
  • The Web Fountes

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