Presented by David DeSandro.

All those dependencies…

  • What do you use?
  • Where do you put it?
  • How do you keep track of it?

We use lots of “stuff” on every project. The problem now is dealing with all of these things. Akin to having a messy desk.

Package Management

  • A solution to the problem of maintaining all of this “stuff” our projects require.

What is Bower?

  • Bower is a package manager for the web.
  • A command line interface that lets you install various packages from the web (e.g. jQuery).

Using Bower

  • bower install jquery
  • Install a particular version of a package: bower install jquery#1.x to install the latest version of jQuery 1.x.
  • bower search normalize
  • bower init will help you generate a bower.json manifest for your project.
  • bower install boostrap will install jQuery as Bootstrap has listed jQuery as a dependency.

Why Use Bower?

Who is using Bower?

  • Flight: a component-based, event-driven JavaScript development framework from Twitter
  • Yeoman
  • jQuery

Working with Dependencies

  • Duplicated code can easily be broken out into simple, reusable modules.
  • Each dependency gets its own repository that can be included into other projects. Each dependency (as a result) has its own issue tracker, its own tests, etc.

Empowering developers to make and distribute their own purpose-built components