Presented by JD Graffam.

  • Eye tracking is being used in many industries outside of usability testing.
    • The medical industry is using eye tracking to detect autism in young children.
    • The automotive industry is using eye tracking to determine if dashboard design is safe.
    • Skiers will track their eye movement to determine opportunities for performance enhancement.
  • Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery Made Easy
  • According to Krug’s book: Usability doesn’t have to happen in a lab; it doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Principles: Do it yourself. Keep an open mind. Keep it cheap. Actually watch the test. No science required.

Eye Tracking Hardware

  • In 2013, the cost of eye tracking software has dropped to commodity levels.
  • Tobii is the industry leader in eye tracking hardware. (Also the most expensive.)
  • SMI
  • Mirametrix
  • Gazepoint
  • Nuia - Successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign using the Xbox Kinect
  • There are DIY tutorials if you want to build your own hardware.

Eye-Tracking Software

Benefits of Eye Tracking

  • Eye tracking can easily let you know which features of a site are working. For instance, the new Google Maps draws a line from a photo to the point where it appears on the map. Eye tracking tests showed this line to be very effective at getting users to interact with photos on the map.