Presented by Matt Keas.

  • The Iron Yard – an intensive code academy providing three-month courses
  • Side projects are great for scratching your own itch.
  • Side projects give you a sense of control, combining autonomy and competence.
  • As long as side projects are planned right, and expectations are communicated, they can go very smoothly.
  • “30SS” – The 30-second summary. Do immediately after a task, take the time to write down the most important things you took away from that task: the things you learned, the “ah-ha” moments, etc.
  • Shuhari, a Japanese martial art concept detailing the stages of learning to master.

Getting Started

  • Start small and focused. Have goals.
  • Develop yourself as you develop projects.

Work Hard, Stay Humble

In the end, people’s greatest side projects are themselves and their careers.

Presentation slides available on GitHub